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A 501c3 organization, whose mission is to improve patient health services and care through information sharing, advocacy, collaboration, technical innovations, and community affiliations.

The Atlantic County Regional Health Information Initiative Project started as a component of a grant to Jewish Family Service of Atlantic County, awarded by the New Jersey Health Initiatives Program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

The grant began towards the end of 2002. That grant provided case management and care coordination interventions that addressed the needs of older adults with no local support following a medical hospitalization. The grant also created a network of interested parties that included representatives from forty organizations called the Transition Council, which documented that the absence of effective care coordination is a core healthcare delivery concern in this community.

Over the years that council evolved into EMRX-SJ, with support from the United Way, Assemblyman Frank Blee and encouragement from Robert Wood Johnson.

Many of the current board members have contributed to its development and the realization of a functioning Regional Health Information Organization can be credited to the many organizations who have participated over the past five years.

The current Board of EMRX-SJ is comprised of twenty individuals representing the three affiliate hospital systems (Shore, AtlantiCare, and Cape Regional), two universities, as well as a broad range of payers, community providers and health care consumers. The agreement of these health care systems to cooperate provides a unique opportunity to implement Regional Health Information Systems in New Jersey.
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